Idea Warehouse is a container for ideas to develop. A virtual incubator where ideas can be discovered, developed and destroyed at a very fast pace with minimal investment or risk. Idea Warehouse is owned and operated by Colin Smillie, who has extensive marketing experience gained at several leading Internet, web, wireless and security companies in Canada, the United States and Asia-Pacific.

Previously, Colin Smillie co-founded Refresh Partners, one of the leading agencies focused on marketing in Social Networks and worked with some of the foremost brands in North America; including Adidas, Ford, Dodge, Volkswagon. And even worked on the infamous “Whopper Sacrifice Campaign”.

In the past he worked with Trader Corporation, a Yellowpages Group company, as a Senior Brand Manager for their Real Estate and Employment verticals. He was able to lead several cross-functionality initiatives including the new Urban Living magazine launch which was well received by both readers and advertisers in the Toronto downtown core.